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Become a citizen of and gain extra privileges around here. First, you'll have the option to respond to any article posted on the site. Second, you'll be eligible to earn Quatloos, the currency used to buy special functions, participate in upcoming games, etc. Third, you'll eventually gain the ability to add your own articles to the site, rather than simply post comments about what others have said.

As a citizen of, you are expected to respect the views and opinions of others, pursue truth and justice, be kind to old people, small children, and animals, etc. No information collected here or elsewhere on this site shall ever be given to non-Psidonia-related agencies or individuals. Even if they offer to pay me in something better than Quatloos (as if there were such a thing).

This site is intended for entertainment and discussion and will occasionally post articles that may have controversial elements. It is an adult-oriented site in that mature, responsible discussion and debate is encouraged. Juvenile behavior will be met with revocation of privileges and dirty looks. Among your responsibilities as a citizen will be to comment on articles with corrections to factual errors...try to document your sources. My ideal here is to present a forum for "peer review" of any posted material.

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