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Improvements, Improvements, Improvements...

Every now and then, I somehow find the time to actually sit down and do something on this Website. I believe Albert Einstein said, "If you want to do serious thinking, don't take a job that requires thinking." The same applies to managing a Website. As Webmaster for an international corporation, I find that coming home from work and actually getting busy on my own site takes a bit more enthusiasm than I usually have.

Of course, I don't have to appease the chaotic whims of managers and vice presidents on my own site, and I'm also free to explore any ideas I find intriguing, so it isn't too bad. Often, all it takes is a late night and no obligations in the morning to encourage me to indulge in a little "home improvement."

All articles are now being placed under control of a journal system I'm developing. For this moment, only I can contribute to the site, but that will be changing in the next few days. I'll be adding comment fields to all articles in a manner that should be familiar to any readers of my old site, Psion's Other Dimensions. Shortly after that, I'm going to set up a user account/login feature so that I can more effectively track my visitors and provide them with some advanced features for interaction and gaming.

Gaming? Oh yes. Lisa may have beaten me to that punch, but I was considering the possibilities long before she even owned a computer, let alone put up her own, seditious website. I have a couple of games in the works, including Titan Tug and GladioBots that should provide some entertainment to visitors, and a currency system that will allow registered visitors to bet on the outcomes of games and purchase features, expansions, etc. The currency system will extend beyond game play, and will even work its way into article contributions and other areas.

I don't have it all worked out yet, but it should get very interesting shortly.

Psion on 2001-01-13 03:59:28


And Yet More Improvements

And here you can see that an early version of the reply script is now up. At the moment, the error checking is still a little rudimentary, and there are some improvements to be made for better support of HTML entries, but you can see that we already have most of the features the old POD site had.

The icons are intended to help classify your response. A little like an emoticon, but more generic. I'll add more icons over time and tweak the existing ones. For now, you can choose one of three icons to represent your position on an article ("I have a question...", "Hey!", or "Here's what I think...") or you can choose no icon at all.

Psion on 2001-01-15 02:17:58


Inaugural Gadfly Visit

To the Proprietor,

Firstly, I wish to helpfully and unctuously point out that it is undoubtedly "poor grammar" that you reserve the right to correct, and not "poor grammer", unless it is TV's Frasier Crane, Kelsey Grammer, whom you wish to correct (and its unlikely that he can accurately be described as "poor" at the moment).

Secondly, it appears that your new forum has something of a hair trigger, as I accidentally hit "enter" while typing in the title box, and a fragmentary title posted to your site without so much as a "by your leave". Perhaps a confirmation button would be in order. This would also give visitors a chance to reconsider one last time before posting vicious and profane libel laden with spelling errors.

Finally, I express my hope that this site will soon attract some sincere, though ill-considered and dogmatic, ravings such as will revive the tradition of vigorous debate and mud-slinging that many of us so miss from the classic POD era.

... or maybe just some Amiga slurs to kick things off.

Hutch on 2001-01-15 13:30:55



Thank you, Hutch. The only person on the planet who makes me look like a man of few words.

The comment submission routines have been improved. There is now a preview page that displays what your post will look like before it is written anywhere but your browser screen.

I'll shortly add HTML and script parsers to constrain the use of such in posts to only those necessary for formatting content. In other words: no hacking the site.

Psion on 2001-01-16 21:06:39


The Official Currency of Psidonia

I don't know what the Psidonian Treasury has in mind, but if we're going to be wagering on gladiatorial combat the Quatloo is the clear currency of choice.

Rob on 2001-01-18 13:36:17


Quatloos It Is Then...

I've been wrangling with the name of our currency for weeks. Being an enlightened despot, I wanted something that reflected the ideals of Psidonia. The ideals of higher intellect, integrity, and gentle playfulness. Of a pursuit for knowledge and truth without carelessly trampling the feelings of the masses and their gutter-bound superstitions.

To that task, I considered Credits (with the eminently practical symbol Cr and an implied objective beauracracy), Espons, PsiBucks, or Psingots (any of which would have used the Greek symbol for psi and would have obvious ties to our enlightened community), and even reinventions of common words like Heroes, Pips, Chads, or Slugs. My favorite was Quanta, however the possibility of confusion in some of the science-bound discussions would be a real shortcoming to that one.

But for some reason, the charmingly whimsical "Quatloo" was missed in all of this. What better symbol for gentle playfulness? What better icon of higher intellect than the disembodied brains of Gamma Triskelion?

Quatloos it is, then. And Rob will get an automatic payroll adjustment of an additional 40 Quatloos for making the favored suggestion.

Now all that's needed is a representative icon. For now, a simple (generally, a paragraph mark) seems the closest commonly available symbol off any standard character set. Thus Rob gets a single 40 bonus in addition to what I believe will be the monthly pay of 100. If anyone can come up with a better suggestion (better, in this case meaning I really like it more than anything I've considered), then I'll see to it that the First Bank of Psidonia issues a 40 credit to that contributor's account.

Ah! The details of our economy have yet to be defined, and I've already laid the groundwork for runaway inflation!

Psion on 2001-01-19 11:32:15


Most gracious of you sir...

I assure you that the honor of having my humble suggestion viewed with such favor by your High Geekness would have been payment enough (dropping 40 into coat pocket).

Rob on 2001-01-22 14:25:25



Wait! Don\'t tell me...I know this one.

The first post had a back-slash in it. All those years of \

Rob on 2001-01-22 22:44:07


Answering... Part Deux (Damn Quotes bug!)

\'One of These Things is Not Like the Other\' with Ernie & Bert finally paid off. I bored.

Rob on 2001-01-22 22:47:46


Repairs and Revisionisms

Ah! There. That should fix that nasty little "problem!" I've eliminated the quotes and apostrophes bug that emerged when I put the preview page up. If you really want to know, the symbols were causing the HTML code to submit comments (and titles and names!) incorrectly by escaping out of the input...value="blah blah" tag. A similar problem almost certainly remains with the use of greater than and less than symbols, although that will be quelched in a matter of hours now. The preview page has code on it that not only shows you your entry, but it also does quite a bit of work on the information submitted prior to allowing it to pass on to the reader page (which notes new info and dumps it into the database before any information shows up on your browser screen).

I have also gone through and dutifully cleaned up all my incriminating messages; engaging in a despotic campaign of revisionism that makes poor Rob not only look bored, but quite incompetent in how he handles his ' and "s.

Tyranny is such fun!

El Presidente Psion on 2001-01-23 02:02:34


Juntas come and Juntas go

Laffa while you can server-boy!

Just remember that you'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes, El Presidente. Even now, the rebel leader insinuates himself into your regime.

Viva El Aparador!

Ichiban on 2001-01-23 17:17:36



I'll wager 40 quatloos on the rebels. If I have any quatloos. Mike do I have any quatloos? If not, can I have some so I can wager them on the rebels?

Lisa on 2001-02-01 16:39:08


GENTLE Playfullness?!?

Mispelled or not the Quatloo is the monetary unit of choice for the oppressive Gamma-Triskellion Brain Regime which engages not only in baby-selling and slavery, but the forced bloodletting of said slaves for the "amusement" of brains throughout Gamma-Triskellion in vicious and cutthroat gladiatorial competition!...

So where are MY Quatloos?...

- Gladiatorial Overseer, Gromcus the First

keith on 2001-02-02 21:53:42


A Few More Updates

Okay, now that I've overhauled the Next Trek section of the site, I've returned my attention to this part. Today saw mostly cosmetic changes. I've tweeked the stylesheets and rendered a new logo.

That logo is rendered in a wonderful application called Blender. I used a texture map that I had originally rendered on my Amiga with Imagine, but Blender has wonderful tools that make work like this much more fun. The text is now also part of the model. I'm not sure if I like the Star Trek font, but it's very easy now to change that, re-render, do a little post-processing, and put it up.

Psion on 2001-02-14 00:48:34


Looking Good

Dear Psion,
I like the new font. Kinda goes with the theme of Next Trek, eh?

Keep up the good work.

Mrs. Psion on 2001-02-14 11:55:43


Buddy can you spare a Quatloo?

Excuse me, El Presidente but the peoples...they grow weary carrying around the chickens and the cows for currency...

Por Favor, when will we see our fricking Quatloos!

Oops, sorry...I went into Lisaverse mode for a second there. I guess that little quote on your front page was true after all.

But you must know El Presidente...all this just helps the cause of El Aparador. You are on the way to destruction! All your Quatloo are belong to him! Viva El Aparador!

Ichiban on 2001-03-14 01:48:14



Ichiban on 2001-03-27 11:29:02



Ichiban on 2001-03-28 00:01:07



The Peeples on 2001-03-28 00:01:37



Ichiban on 2001-03-28 00:02:04



The Peeples on 2001-03-28 00:02:24

I Have a Question

A Test...

Pay no attention to that man standing behind the Psionium!

Killme on 2001-12-07 16:28:44

I Have a Question

Well now you got your dang Quatloos...

...what are you gonna do with them?

mofro on 2001-12-10 11:24:05


Hoard them of course!

What else would any self respecting citizen of a country with no economic system to speak of do with them? Make hula skirts?

TammyP on 2001-12-11 16:11:08

Is there anything in the above that is wrong? Do some of the statements make your blood boil? Do you want to give someone a piece of your mind? After all, you know more about these issues than almost anyone, and people should be listening to you!

Alas, you have yet to take the time to log in or register yourself.

Go on, join up! Become a citizen of Psidonia and let these nimrods know what's really going on!

(If you're having trouble figuring it out, there are log in and registration controls over there on the left side of the, your other left. That's it, click the pretty buttons...)