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Today is Wednesday, January 19, 2022. The time is 12:06 PM.

Farscape Has Been Cancelled

Regrettably, I have learned that the Sci-Fi Channel has chosen to exercise an escape clause in their contract with the studio producing Farscape and has chosen not renew the series into season 5. In an informal chat involving series producers and Ben Browder on the Sci-Fi Channel's web site today, it was revealed, apparently before corporate executives were ready to make the announcement, that the leading science fiction series on cable television was not going to be returning for a fifth season.

Note that I believe there may be additional episodes of season four that may conclude the cliff-hanger ending of "Unrealized Realities" which most recently aired, however the airing schedule of this show is a little weird, and the resolution episode might actually part of season five...meaning John Crichton is forever stranded in Earth orbit.

Obviously, this has many fans of the show rather annoyed with Sci-Fi/USA networks. Some have made public the voicemail and fax accounts of high-ranking execs at the corporation. Personally, I'm hoping UPN sees an opportunity here and decides to add Farscape to their line up with a back-to-back line up of Enterprise and Farscape.

But that would never happen...we don't live in such a perfect world.

More info as I learn it...

Psion on 2002-09-08 01:18:42

I Have a Question

Is this definitely for real?

I read some posts regarding this, and it seemed possible that this could have been a hoax. Has Sci-Fi confirmed the rumor? The veracity of this seemed to rest on people believing that the guy in the chat room was actually who he said he was.

Ichiban on 2002-09-08 18:08:04


Unfortunately, it is...

The show hasn't been cancelled because of the ratings; Farscape has been doing very well in that respect. Capping what Sci Fi Channel has called "it's best summer", the network credited Farscape and Stargate with much of the success. "Leading the charge was SCI FI Friday, a two-hour block of original series that included the original series Stargate SG- 1 and Farscape. The block set a summer record for the channel, averaging a 1.4 rating (1.1 million households). That represented a 27 percent ratings increase over last summer's ratings average for the time period and a 46 percent increase in household delivery over last year."

At first, I suspected this had something to do with Sci-Fi/USA being in bad financial straights...and it appears I wasn't too far off. It seems that the company that owns Jim Henson Studios, which produces Farscape, is in very bad shape and can no longer afford to fund the show. Jim Henson Studios went to Sci Fi for more money to replace the lost funds, but the latter declined...hence the cancellation.

According to Anthony Simcoe (Dargo), Pilot has already been dismantled and boxed up and workers are now striking the sets. Short of a desperate rescue from another studio/network (rumors about UPN, Fox, and the BBC abound), the show is over...reportedly on a cliff-hanger season finale. We will, at least, get a chance to see how John manages to get himself out of Earth orbit when the fourth season concludes in January.

Psion on 2002-09-09 14:47:36

I Have a Question


Among other things, THIS SITE suggests that UPN is looking for a good companion piece for Enterprise. I can think of no better way to waste a Wednesday night! Oh, yeah, it also has contact info for anyone who feels motivated enough to try to do something about all this.

And if that link kicks your knickers, then go HERE and check out their information.

I still think this is the first movement in a truly grand saga that will make the early struggles of Star Trek look like a group hug. In a decade or two, after much outrage over the way the show was handled and several tell-all books by well-informed participants, hundreds of packed Farscape conventions and tons of fan-produced Farscape merchandise, and maybe one or two resurrection rumors a year (ala Battlestar Galactica), there might even be a reunion movie to resolve loose ends.

Psion on 2002-09-09 16:42:55

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