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Smallville (is TV art?)

I thought it might be nice to have a spot to talk about all the stuff going on on the small screen with one of my favorite comic book characters.

Boy have these writers thrown away the source material! I can't really rant about that though, since the current comic book writers have thrown out the source material, retrieved it, modified it, thrown it away again numerous times, etc. The character continues to be compelling.

Is Adam a clone, future batman, some escaped government experiment (wait, have we had one of those already?)?

tammyp on 2004-02-06 11:40:07



I don't know what Adam is supposed to be, but I do know that when I thought he was an incognito Bruce Wayne, my interest in the show peaked considerably! From the references, it's clear we were supposed to think Adam was Bruce in the first couple episodes, but "Hereafter" added a few twists to the character that don't make sense in that context.

And there's also Lex's curious change of heart toward Adam. In the beginning, he warned Lana quite deliberately off the guy. Then later, as he confronted Adam directly, he made reference to the unusually consistent positive notes in his school transcripts. "As though they were told what to say," or words to that effect. But near the close of the episode, Lex suddenly seemed to have adopted the same tone of the teachers in Adam's transcript.

I now think Mr. Knight is just another Freak of the Week, only with a bit more development obviously intended to string us Batman watchers along.

And about Chloe/Lois...I'm starting to wonder about the connection. Supposedly, Lois Lane is now a pseudonym borrowed from Chloe's cousin. I forget the reason she gave that the real Lois wouldn't mind this adoption. But given that Lois was supposed to be an Army brat, I'm having second thoughts. Maybe something happens to Chloe and the real Lois picks up the role. It's just kind of strange.

And finally, any bets about Pa Kent? Is Bo Duke finally getting booted out of Smallville? Ha! In a pig's eye. The whole business with Lionel proved to me that these actors are in for the series' run, so don't write Pa off yet!

Psion on 2004-02-09 01:46:51



What do we know about Adam? He can do almost anything, his parents died in a house fire and he tried to save them. He spent time in the Smallville hospital. He's crushing on Lana, he has plenty of money in one episode, but in the next he appreciates the low rent at the Talon. See your death kid says he's already dead. He's injecting himself with something AT SCHOOL (is he even a student?) take away points for intelligence! Lex got his records and they are suspiciously nice and clean. Lex suddenly thinks he's the greatest (meaning Lex may be able to use him at some point in the future).

Anyway - Adam is definitely NOT going to become Batman

This show's writers have been pretty lame on things like this before, so I'll go out on a limb and predict that Adam is "the first of a new kind of being" created by someone and 'cleverly' named Adam.

tammyp on 2004-02-11 15:05:32

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