Has Arrived!

Good Grief!

Okay, if you haven't done it already, update your bookmark to this page! I've rearranged things quite a bit to accommodate the new article system that I've installed. All of the original information is still in place, it's just being served via a database now. There's also new info, and I've spent some time cleaning up content and format. There's still a bit more straigtening up to do, but things are much better, now.

The seventh session is scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd at 6:04 pm. I'm not sure what I'll be serving, but I'm leaning towards a white chili with turkey or chicken. Any suggestions or requests are welcomed.


I. Introduction
A. Game News
B. The Story So Far
II. Character Development
A. Overview
B. Species & Government
C. Roles and Duties
D. Starfleet Academy
E. Tours of Duty
F. Rank and Status
G. Major Characters
III. Science & Treknology
A. Equipment
B. Systems
C. Artifacts
D. Creatures
E. Federation Starmaps
IV. Starships
A. Starship Combat
B. Ship Construction

Admiral's Log (of changes):

Revised Character List under Major Characters.
Improved stylesheets for Netscape 6 use.
Improved article reader for cleaner output.
Improved formatting on several pages.
Installed Psidonia Article System.
Installed Next Trek Cascading Stylesheets.
Upgraded Menus.
Added Session 5 Narrative.
Placed Federation Starmaps under Science and Treknology.
Updated this page.
Made minor updates to this page.
Changed "A Word From The Admiral" over to section I.A. "Game News" and changed content.
Added players to Section II.G "Major Characters."
Removed link to Captain Nemo's rules since the link no longer functions. I'm investigating.
Made minor format changes and added a turn sequence summary to section IV.A.1 - Starship Combat Overview
Added IV.A.1 - Starship Combat Overview
Added IV.A.2 - Ops to Starship Combat
Began revising the numbering system.
Began adding the rules for IV.A - Starship Combat.
Tore out the old update notes and put them into a History page.
Restored PHP functionality to this page.
Added some data and images to the Equipment database in section III.1
Added MySQL database for Equipment to section III.1.
Revised this page.
Older changes to the Next Trek documentation are listed on the History Page.

If you absolutely need to know more, visit the UN-Official Guide to GURPS Star Trek. At Steve Jackson Games' site. These rules are surprisingly exhaustive, although some sections are incomplete and some of my rules will vary, but there's plenty to get you started until I have more details and links here. (Note: Captain Nemo's Site removed GURPS:Trek info in November. I hope the content remains online at SJG. It would be a terrible waste if Nemo's work was lost -- especially since I was one of the contributors!!)

Another wonderful site is at GURPS Star Trek: Modular Edition. His collection of alien races is well thought out. And he seems to be compiling rules from various sources.

Finally, if you'd like to create your character on the computer, I'm currently using Thomas L. Bont's GURPS Character Maker. Send me your character sheets via email in the .gcm format and I'll keep a handy archive.